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 My students are devouring the Hot Dog and Bob books and clamoring for more! These hilarious, action packed adventures have short chapters and fun pictures on every page. Hot Dog and Bob is hands down the best high interest series I’ve come across for transforming reluctant readers into voracious bookworms. Bravo!”

Amy Draizen, EDM Educational Therapist
Berkley, CA

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Hot Dog and Bob Adventures #01:

Hot Dog and Bob and the Seriously Scary Attack of the Evil Alien Pizza Person

Bob is just an ordinary boy with ordinary friends who goes to an ordinary school, each and every day. But this is no ordinary day. Today when Bob opens his lunchbox, he finds Hot Dog—a real, live, talking hotdog! Hot Dog says he's from another planet. He's here to save Earth. And—gulp—he needs Bob's help! Full of humor, quirky characters, brief fast-paced chapters, and funny black-and-white illustrations on each page, Hot Dog and Bob is sure to be welcomed by beginning readers.

"Those who relish the zaniest sort of slapstick will eat this up and dig into the second helping..." Publishers Weekly

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Hot Dog and Bob Adventures #02:

Hot Dog and Bob and the Particularly Pesky Attack of the Pencil People

Be afraid of your pencil. Be VERY afraid! Just when Bob is getting over their last battle with the grossly evil pizza alien, he and Hot Dog have a new enemies to tackle: crafty little Pencil Snatchers from the planet Pencilvania. Beginning readers will be clamoring for Hot Dog and Bob's second adventure.

"Thwarting the pencil Snatcher’s plan to erase everything and everyone on the planet requires an inventive combination of Purple Blast soda, kazoo music, Clementine's peanut butter-banana-avocado-red pepper-onion-ham-chocolate chip-cream cheese-raisin-alfalfa sprout-and-extra hot horseradish-on-rye sandwich, and the timely passing of some gas. What reluctant 6- to 10-year-old reader can resist that?" - Curled up with a good kid’s book  (a reading resource for kids, teachers, librarians, and parents)

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Hot Dog and Bob Adventures #03:

Hot Dog and Bob and the Dangerously Dizzy Attack of the Hypno Hamsters

It's Career Day at Luggenheimer Elementary. When one parent arrives to talk about being a toy maker, things start to go mysteriously wrong. Now Hot Dog, Bob, and Clementine face the most mysterious villain ever hypnotizing plush hamsters.

"Hot Dog and Bob, and the Dangerously Dizzy Attack of the Hypno Hamsters by L. Bob Rovetch is a riot of fun and twisted humor. The very offbeat nature of having a hot dog from the planet Dogzalot serve as a planetary hero is sure to attract boys who would otherwise not read books in a traditional format. The illustrations by Dave Whamond are action oriented. They zip, zoom, and leap off of every page, and leave the reader breathless from exhaustion!" Elizabeth Yetter,

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Hot Dog and Bob Adventures #04:

Hot Dog and Bob and the Exceptionally Eggy Attack of the Game Gators

Bob, Clementine and the rest of the class from Lugenheimer Elementary School are mysteriously transported to the domain of the Exceptionally Eggy Game Gators. Will Bob and Clementine find their way out of the gators’ maze in time to save the world? Will Hot Dog find his superhero helpers so he doesn’t leave them in the lurch?

"The Hot Dog and Bob books are the best! The space aliens totally crack me up!" - Lauren Colten, Denver, CO. Age 9

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Hot Dog and Bob Adventures #05:

Hot Dog and Bob and the Surprisingly Slobbery Attack of the Dogwash Doggies

All is going well at the fifth-grade fundraiser until talking dogs from the planet Bowwowwowwow, arrive to take over the Earth and turn Bob and his unsuspecting classmates into their pets! Now, Hot Dog and Bob must battle this new laser-beam-chewie-wielding alien duo and save their friends and themselves!

"The Adventures of Hot Dog and Bob are the first books several of my reluctant reader clients have really enjoyed reading independently.
L. Bob Rovetch's books don't "talk down" to children. They are full of action and humor – just what the doctor ordered for keeping interest alive!" - Joy Ruppersburg, Educational Therapist, San Rafael, CA

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Hot Dog and Bob Adventures #06:

Hot Dog and Bob and the Ferociously Freaky Attack of the Foot Fighters

Trouble is afoot in Bob’s PE soccer game when the soccer ball suddenly inflates into a spaceship. It’s Lugenheimer Elementary versus The Foot Fighters – and Coach Toe is playing for keeps! Will the Earth get shrunken down and end up on Coach Toe’s trophy shelf? Or will Hot Dog’s mad soccer skills win this game for good?

"Boys looking for something "gross" and fans of Dav Pilkey’s "Captain Underpants" are a likely audience for Hot Dog and Bob." - School Library Journal