The Characters


Bob is just an ordinary boy with ordinary friends who goes to an ordinary school, each and every day.

Bob is an extremely normal kid, with an extremely normal life, until one day when he finds an extremely abnormal hot dog in his lunch. Bob is a fifth grader at Lugenheimer Elementary School. He has an annoying little brother named Bug, a slobbery old basset hound named Chomper, and two parents who have absolutely no idea that their son is risking his life to save the world on a fairly regular basis. Bob is what you might call a reluctant hero. "It wasn't my idea to become a superhero weenie's Earth partner." He explains. "The job just kind of got chosen for me."

Hot Dog

Hot Dog is from the planet Dogzalot, where Big Bun commands superhero hot dogs.

Hot Dog is a superhero sent down from the planet Dogzalot to protect Earth from evil space-alien attacks. Because Bob has a pretty good memory, and Hot Dog has a particularly lousy memory, the Big Bun (the leader of Hot Dog's planet Dogzalot) has chosen Bob to be Hot Dog's partner here on Earth. Although Hot Dog can be a little "spacey" at times, he has some very handy tricks up his sleeve (or rather, bun). When he pushes the top-secret panel of tiny buttons hidden in his bun, gallons of super-strength ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, onions, sauerkraut, and various other useful things squirt out all over the bad guys.


Clementine is brave, spunky, stubborn, and the most loyal friend you could ever hope to have.

Clementine is Bob's best friend. She's clever, opinionated, eats particularly disgusting sandwiches, and, as much as she hates it, always ends up helping Hot Dog and Bob save the world. Clementine can frequently be heard saying things like, "Why me, Bob? Why do I always get mixed up in your freaky extraterrestrial problems?" But Clementine is an incredibly loyal friend who could never walk away from helping Hot Dog and Bob save the world. Luckily (or maybe unluckily), when the scientists on Hot Dog's planet, Dogzalot, secretly sprayed Bob with their semi-protective-anti-space-alien-coating, they sprayed Clementine too.


Marco is Bob and Clementine's good friend. He's a great athlete and an all-around nice guy. But he can't help battle the space aliens, or even remember that they ever came to Lugenheimer Elementary School in the first place, because the Dogzalot scientists only sprayed their fancy, protective coating on Bob and Clementine. Everyone else forgets all about the frantic extraterrestrial happenings just as soon as Hot Dog pushes his 'clean-everything-up-and-make-everyone-forget' bun-button.

The Terrible Triplets

The Terrible Triplets Barfalot and his brainless bodyguard brothers, Pigburt and Slugburt, are the meanest, rottenest classroom bullies ever! Whether he's tripping Bob and laughing, “Have a nice trip? See ya next Fall!” or singing, “Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darlin' Clementine, you look exactly like a doggy, dreadful sorry Clementine!” Barfalot can always be counted on to be the biggest jerk in the entire universe. And, even though they're just regular, human, fifth grade boys, the triplets have a knack for messing things up almost as much as those pesky space-aliens.

Miss Lamphead

Miss Lamphead is a sweet and loving fifth grade teacher, whose classroom gets invaded by freaky extraterrestrials at an alarmingly frequent rate. Luckily, she has no recollection of her unusually eventful life, which includes unknowingly morphing into a huge, alien, pizza person with bits of pepperoni popping up all over, and strings of gooey mozzarella oozing out of her nose! She also happens to be remarkably understanding about things like throw-up all over Bob's desk, which actually turns out to be Pencil Snatcher slime from the evil and particularly pointy gang leader The Scribbler.


Chompers is Bob's saggy baggy basset hound

Cheese Face

Cheese Face comes from the planet Pizzalopolis, to take over the world. First she takes over poor Miss Lamphead's body. Then she starts turning everyone, including Esmeralda, the classroom hamster, into helpless little pizza-slice-soldiers! And, if that's not bad enough, she chooses Barfalot to be her disgustingly cheesy General. “Oh goody gumdrops,” says Clementine. “Not only do I get to become an unattractive food item, I also get to be bossed around by a dork with the IQ of a freckle's freckle.” Hot Dog ends up blasting Cheese Face with enough hotdog toppings to bury Godzilla, but it takes even more than a relish-filled river of goo to get rid of this pizza!

The Scribbler

The Scribbler is the evil and particularly pointy leader of the dreaded Pencil Snatchers Gang from the planet Pencilvania. He starts out pretending to be an innocent little number two pencil. But before long, he's oozing gross green slime all over Bob's spelling test, commanding his Pencil Snatchers gang to draw animal heads on Bob's classmates, then turning them into pitiful piles of pink eraser dust. And last but most certainly not least – he's planning on erasing the entire world! Fortunately, Hot Dog remembers that Pencil Snatchers have one great weakness. Unfortunately, he can't seem to remember what that is.

The Amazing Hypnodini

The Amazing Hypnodini is the hypnotizer of the universe and scary extraterrestrial rodent-monster who sneaks into Lugenheimer Elementary's library and pretends to be Miss Toenail, the school librarian. She has a creepy plan to hypnotize everybody on Earth into people-sized hamsters that run on humongous hamster wheels, creating a whole new kind of hamster-powered energy, for which she's convinced the rest of the planets will pay top dollar. But when Hypnodini has a catastrophic reaction to Hot Dog's bun crumbs, there's no one left to un-hypnotize Bob's zombified, hamsterized classmates. And, all of a sudden, the cute little Happy Hamster toys that one parent brings in for Career Day, aren't looking very happy anymore.

Mister G.

Mister G. is the coolest, rhymingest alligator alien around. He's bored and lonely on his planet Gatorville, so he comes to Earth to create a fun, underground game, which turns out to be the exact opposite of fun for poor Bob and Clementine. Mr. G. pits the two best friends against each other in a race to the finish line. But between Hot Dog taking his own sweet time to show up, and the gigantic, egg-cracking Game Gators gaining on them, it looks like nobody's going to win. With all the buzzers and lights and trap doors and tunnels and slides, being in Mr. G.'s underground world is like being inside a life-sized computer game that no one can figure out how to turn off.

Stanley and Doris

Stanley and Doris are a slobbery bulldog and a fancy French poodle who come from the planet Bowwowwowwow, where the pet owners are dogs, and the pets are people. Armed with a spit-covered, light-beam-shooting chew-toy, this unusual doggie duo turns Lugenheimer Elementary's playing field into a permanent 'pet person' training and transportation station. Just when Bob needs Clementine the most, she's nowhere to be found, and Hot Dog is having more than a few problems of his own. As an added twist, while Stanley is busy drooling over Hot Dog (who he's saving for a tasty snack), Doris is busy drooling over Stanley with a serious case of puppy love.

Coach Toe

Coach Toe is an unusually competitive space alien. He travels from planet to planet with his champion soccer team called the Foot Fighters. Every time The Foot Fighters win a match (which is every time), Coach Toe shrinks and gold plates the losing team's planet, then adds it to his trophy shelf. While all the other kids in P.E. get turned into Foot Fighters, Bob and Clementine just get stampeded into flat little pancake people. Then they swell up like balloons at a Thanksgiving Day parade. Then Coach Toe turns into a crazy, rabid, fungus covered foot monster! Luckily, it turns out that Hot Dog used to be quite a little soccer star back on Dogzalot. It also turns out that Coach Toe's assistant, Pinky, has a surprise in store for everybody…