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Standing Ovations for Hot Dog and Bob from :Literary Reviewers, Librarians, Teachers, Educational Therapists, and Parents

“Those who relish the zaniest sort of slapstick will eat Hot Dog and Bob up and dig into the second helping.”
- Publishers Weekly
“I found my son with his nose in Hot Dog and Bob this morning. He said he was “hooked” and
I actually had to pry it out of his hands so that he'd go eat breakfast. He also informed me that I needed to buy all the books in the series.
Wow! This is the very first time he's said that he's hooked on a book, so you can imagine how pleased I am. Thank you!”
- Marian Wilde
Senior Writer
"My students are devouring the Hot Dog and Bob books and clamoring for more! These hilarious, action packed adventures have short chapters and fun pictures on every page. Hot Dog and Bob is hands down the best high interest series I’ve come across for transforming reluctant readers into voracious bookworms. Bravo!”
- Amy Draizen, EDM
Educational Therapist, parents and kids.
Berkley, CA
“Hot Dog and Bob are disgustingly awesome!”
- Taylor Kline, Portland, OR, Age 9
"Here’s a recipe for books that fly off the shelves:
Take an assortment of quirky/goofy characters doing quirky/goofy things in a quirky/goofy plot. Add a third grade reading level and a splash of outlandish cartoonish illustrations. Mix them all together and I guarantee you that those books will sprout wings!”
- Donna Dannenmiller
Display Reviews
"Fans of Dav Pilkey’s “Captain Underpants” are a likely audience for Hot Dog and Bob."
- School Library Journal
“Hot Dog is my favorite new superhero by far!”
- Max Jackson, Sarasota, FLA, Age 8
“L. Bob Rovetch's brand new Hot Dog & Bob series for developing readers is a sure bet for pulling more reluctant readers - especially boys - away from the early evening Cartoon Network lineup and into books. With the same absurd flavor that makes shows like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and My Gym Partner's a Monkey a hit with the six to ten-year-old age group.”
- Curled up with a good kid’s book
(a reading resource for kids, teachers, librarians, and parents)

" I loved reading this book cuz I love eating pizza!  How did they think up this story? My favorite chapter was the Barf-o-Rama. It was so gross!”
- Jamie Saul, San Rafael, CA, Age 10
"The Adventures of Hot Dog and Bob are the first books several of my reluctant reader clients have really enjoyed reading independently.
L. Bob Rovetch's books don't "talk down" to children. They are full of action and humor – just what the doctor ordered for keeping interest alive!" 
- Joy Ruppersburg, Educational Therapist, San Rafael, CA
 “The Hot Dog and Bob books are the best! The space aliens totally crack me up!”
Lauren Colten, Denver, CO, Age 9
“Incorporating technology tools into library learning is an all-school effort with great rewards…For story elements, I incorporate the middle grade book Hot Dog and Bob and the Seriously Scary Attack of the Evil Alien Pizza Person by L. Bob Rovetch. This book has humor, captures the reluctant reader, and is easily adapted to the software Kidspiration® (Inspiration Software Inc.).”
- Sandy Meagher,Library Department Chairperson and School Librarian in the Wayne Highlands School District, Honesdale, PA
"This book is very funny and easy to read.  It's a good book and I can't wait to read all the other Hot Dog and Bob Books.  I enjoyed this book, and I think other kids will too."
- Carima Torres
Petaluma, CA,
Age 11

Hot Dog and Bob is an Association of Booksellers for Children Best Book for Children