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School Visits

L. Bob Rovetch loves talking at schools, libraries, bookstores and conferences. If you are interested in having her visit, please email.

As you can see by this photograph, L. Bob takes her job very seriously! She often goes to great lengths in order to understand the true essence of her characters. She is pictured here, working on Hot Dog and Bob.

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School Presentations

L. Bob’s school presentations are hilarious fun and have a powerful message: You might not know it, but you have a story inside that only you can tell!

L. Bob talks about being a reluctant reader as a kid, and having the world’s worst spelling and handwriting. She talks about her inspirational fourth grade teacher who helped her believe in her abilities as a writer and go on to write 22 books and over 200 magazine stories for children.

L. Bob shares a wildly wacky Hot Dog and Bob Video as well as an engaging slide show featuring all kinds of photos, illustrations, rough drafts, edits, dummies, and even a few of her first stories, poems and Play-Doh creations from grade school. Audiences of all ages leave her programs inspired to read, write, draw, imagine, and explore.

Now, for some serious fun! L. Bob guides the audience through a brief imagination exercise. Then she takes out her bag of giant markers and draws the students’ suggestions as they invent a funny space-alien that could actually be the star of the next Hot Dog and Bob book! (L. Bob has twenty years of experience doing school presentations, and has mastered the art of having kids be excited and involved in this process, without becoming crazy and out of control).

If time permits, the audience will come up with a whole new Hot Dog and Bob story, integrating story elements like characters, motivation, plot, tension etc. The final illustration will be donated to the school’s library. Several of these have been done on canvas or wood with paint, and have ended up being popular items at school auctions.

Of course, there is always time for questions!

L. Bob is available to visit schools (for full-day or half-day sessions) and conferences (keynote speeches and workshops.) She also provides writing workshops for kids, students, adults, or any aspiring writers.

Programs for large audiences are 45 minutes, followed by a time for questions and answers. A half-day visit is two assemblies; a full-day visit is three large-group presentations. Smaller classroom visits and writing workshops can be arranged, depending on the needs of individual schools.

L. Bob is always happy to autograph copies of her books.

School Visit Wish List

  • A well-prepared audience. Students should be familiar with the books, and have thought of questions they’d like to ask.
  • A DARK room. This is helpful for showing images and keeping the group’s attention.
  • A big screen
  • A rolling projector cart
  • A long extension cord
  • A microphone
  • A wall, rolling blackboard, or the like. To attach a great big sheet of paper to.

Once the visit has been arranged, you will receive an information packet including book sales, ordering information, and a letter of agreement.

L. Bob will need a confirmation letter (including date and agreed-upon honorarium) as well as a schedule of the day in advance of the actual visit.

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